Am I at a disadvantage regarding course enrollment if I attend a later orientation session?

We reserve spaces in classes that are popular for first-year students and release them incrementally throughout the summer. Your chances of successfully adding into CHEM 1410 (for example) are just as good in Session J as they are in Session A.

Simply plan to attend the orientation session that is appropriate for your school and works best with your summer schedule.

When do I take my World Language placement exams?

French, German, Italian, Latin, Persian, and Spanish placement modules are available online and should be taken before summer enrollment and orientation. 

Language placement diagnostics for other languages will be held over the summer via Zoom or in-person before the beginning of classes. Please consult the placement schedule and instructions for each language through the College of Arts & Sciences Fall World Language Placement Information Page


How does course enrollment work at orientation?

All students must bring an electronic device (preferably laptop or tablet) with them in order to enroll in their courses during orientation.

First-Year Students (July)
First-year students meet with Orientation Leaders (OLs) and Faculty Advisors in small groups to build and review course selections. Students will have a pre-assigned course registration time, during which they will input their schedules into the Student Information System (SIS) and enroll in their classes. Faculty advisors will be available for students with questions.

Transfer Students
Transfer students meet with Orientation Leaders and Faculty Advisors to review a schedule in the morning. Transfer students will input their schedules into SIS and enroll in their classes for the upcoming semester. 

Session K Students (August)
Students attending Session K will register for their classes prior to their orientation and will have a chance to meet with faculty members and OLs about their course selection during the session.