Other Employment

Other Employment

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Many students are interested in a holding a part-time job during their time at UVA. Whether you qualify for a federal work-study position or are looking for a part-time position on or off Grounds, there are plenty of options.

Keep in mind that balancing work and school requires planning and time management. University Career Center is a great resource for advice and job search assistance.

On-Grounds Employment Opportunities

Many great jobs are available right on Grounds:

In addition, professors in various departments will sometimes hire students as research assistants. Working for a professor can let you get to know a faculty member while you learn more about an area of interest.

Off-Grounds Employment Opportunities

There are a lot of good job opportunities around the Charlottesville area. Here are a few places to start your search for employment opportunities off-Grounds:

Internship Opportunities

An internship allows you to get hands-on training in your field of interest and build connections with people who share your excitement about a particular career. Employers are increasingly looking for graduates who have had meaningful career experience during college.

University Career Center can help you identify internships that best suit you.