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Helping Transfer Students


While TSPAs introduce transfers to the University, TAB introduces the University to the transfers.

Click the image above to view a larger version of the poster describing the differences between TSPA and TAB. These descriptions are also listed in the table below.


Transfer Student Peer Advisor

Transfer Advisory Board

Who We Are

TSPA matches incoming transfer students to an upperclass student who has more experience with UVA. TSPAs act as a guiding resource, helping new transfers transition into the social and academic cultures on Grounds.

TAB recognizes the different needs of transfer students as they begin transitioning to life on Grounds. TAB provides support, outreach, and advocacy, and organizes a number of transfer initiatives to ensure the success of new transfer students.


  • Dedicated to improving the transfer process
  • Aim to bridge the gap between the transfer student population
  • Implement transfer initiatives while addressing specific areas of concern
  • Academic Year commitment
  • Have interest in building relationships with transfer students
  • Are in good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Appreciation for diverse experiences identities, and backgrounds
  • Yearlong commitment


  • Orientation and Welcome Program
  • Community building
  • Advocacy and Outreach
  • TSPA recruitment

Different Committees:

  • Orientation & New Student Programs
  • Academic
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Non-Traditional