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Summer Orientation Guide

With our interactive mobile guide, all of the details for Summer Orientation are right at your fingertips!

The 2020 mobile app guide will be available for download prior to the first Summer Orientation session.



  • "My Schedule" customizable calendar
  • "Interact" social media feed within the app
  • Orientation schedules and event details by session
  • Orientation Leader bios and contact info
  • Travel information
  • What to Bring
  • UVA Resources
  • FAQs
  • And more!



Receive notifications during your Summer Orientation session, including schedule changes or emergency updates!

Make sure to allow notifications in the UVA Guides settings on your mobile device. When you are here for orientation, log into the guide (using the Attendees menu item). Students should use their UVA address to log in, and parents/guests should use the email address at which they receive Summer Orientation email communications. Doing so will ensure that you receive up-to-date information!


How do I...

Create an account/check in?

Once in the Guide, you can create a user profile to access the app. In addition to first and last name, the profile can display your company/position, phone number, email address, and any Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ accounts you choose to link to your profile. Profile information beyond your picture, name, and company/position remains private until you send or accept connection requests with other users.

After you've created your account and logged in, you'll see your profile pic (or icon, if you don't upload a picture) in the upper right hand corner of all pages on the app, and you can change your profile settings by clicking on it.

User accounts allow you to:

  • Use the Interact and Photo Album modules fully
  • Use the Attendees module to check in to the app (not to be confused with checking in to Orientation, which must be done in person!)
  • Network and connect with peers
  • Use private messaging with your connections
  • Sync My Schedule across devices

To check in to the Guide, go to the Attendees module. This item displays all users who have checked in to the Guide. Click "Check In to Guide" at the bottom of the page. You can then connect with other users to view their profile and contact details, and to send them private messages. Private messages between users are stored in the Messaging module.

Checking in is optional. The contact information users list in their profiles will only be shared with their connections.

Customize "My Schedule"?

Browse to the Orientation Session you will be attending by clicking on either Student Schedules or Guest Schedules and then selecting the appropriate session (Session A - Session K). This will display all events in that session.

From the session list view, a plus sign is shown to the right of each event. Clicking that plus sign will add it to My Schedule. If you've clicked the event to display its details, you can also add the event to My Schedule by clicking the "Add now? link in the lower right corner.

When adding the event, you can choose to receive a notification prior to the session (15 minutes, no notification, or a customized time). The plus sign then changes to a checkmark, and the event shows up in My Schedule. To remove a selected event from My Schedule, open the event and check the "Remove" option at the bottom right corner.

Generate directions?

To generate walking directions from your current location to any event, go into the event, and click the Google map preview above the description. This will open a full view of the map.

From the full map view, click the icon in the lower left corner (a box with up arrow), and you will be asked if you want to "Open in Maps app." Click that to launch the map app on your phone.

Clicking the event title in your map app will allow you to generate directions to that location from your current location. Select "Drive" or "Walk" at the top of your map app. Selecting "Walk" will ensure that you are given walking directions to the location.

Use Interact news feed and Photo Album?

Interact is a Summer Orientation news feed within the app. This curated feed displays relevant content, timely discussions, and interactive networking to increase engagement and ensure that all parties get the most out of the app.

Types of content include:

  • User Posts: Clicking "Create post" at the bottom of the Interact page will allow you to create a simple post within the Guide. You must be logged in to your account to post to the feed.
  • Sessions: Upcoming event sessions will post in the feed based on popularity or whether the session is happening soon. You can also add event sessions to My Schedule from the Interact feed.
  • Photos: Photos that have been added to the Guide's Photo Album also appear in the Interact feed. Photos can be added through the Interact feed.
  • Recent Check-Ins: Shows users who have recently checked into to the Guide. Clicking the "View all attendees" option allows you to connect with other users via one-to-one private messaging. Conversations you have had with other users are stored in the Messaging module.

The Photo Album displays all images uploaded to the Guide. Photos that have been added to the Guide's Photo Album also appear in the Interact feed, and vice versa.

You can add photos from your phone's camera (you will be prompted to give the app access to your phone camera) or photo gallery. After selecting an image, you can then fill out an optional photo caption, and select "Post" to add the photo to the album.

Photos can be liked by clicking the heart icon at the lower left corner of the image in the gallery/feed, or at the lower right once the image is open. You can share photos to your personal social media accounts by clicking on the three dots at the lower left of the open photo. This menu also contains an option to report a photo as inappropriate.

Note that users cannot delete their photos from the app, so post wisely!