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Finances, Scholarships, & Funding


Student Financial Services (SFS) oversees Financial Aid and Student Accounts, whose comprehensive websites can address many of your questions.

Also familiarize yourself with the information on your SIS (Student Information System) account, so that you can monitor charges, payments, and your To Do List, as well as authorize parent(s)/guardian(s) as users for QuikPay if needed.


Cavalier Advantage

Cavalier Advantage uses your student ID as a debit card. Funds can be loaded onto your ID for use on Grounds. Certain locations offer discounts when using Cavalier Advantage.

Monthly Payment Plans (Tuition)

A Monthly Payment Plan is available to split a semester's tuition over five monthly payments. There is a $35 enrollment fee each term to participate in the payment plan.

Brewer Endowment Deferment Plan

The Brewer Endowment Deferment Plan allows students to push one-third of tuition, fees, on-Grounds housing, and Dining Services charges to a later due date. There is no enrollment fee, but a student must be able to meet at least two-thirds of the total term charges to qualify.

Emergency Loans

Student Financial Services offer interest-free short-term loans to students. The Lee Emergency loan offers up to $500 a semester for undergraduates. The Honor Loan allows students to borrow up to $600.

One-Time Computer Funding

Students can request a one-time increase from Student Financial Services to their financial aid budget to cover the cost of a computer, printer, and other peripheral devices. By increasing your budget, you may become eligible for additional loan funding to cover the cost of these expenses. This can only be done once during a student's undergraduate career.

Study Abroad and Summer Study Abroad Aid