Academic Resources

Academic Resources

Your academic advisor or Association Dean, academic dean, and school registrar staff are of great assistance to you throughout your time at UVA. You will meet with your academic advisor regularly. This person is often a general advisor until a major program is declared, at which point many students shift to a major advisor in their new home department. You may be referred to an academic dean for larger issues.


Some departments offer tutoring services free of charge. Others maintain lists of individuals who can be independently contracted by students for a fee. The English Department offers the Writing Center which can be accessed by all UVA students free of charge.

Books and Computers

The University Bookstore offers new or used textbooks for rent or purchase. They also have an online list of textbooks that professors have requested for courses. The Cav Program (a division of the UVA Bookstore) offers computers for students with preloaded hardware and software meeting the standards set by UVA schools and departments. All proceeds from purchases made at the UVA Bookstore go directly back to the University.


Check out the University Registrar (UREG) website to:

request a transcript access Veteran’s benefits certify your enrollment


The Student Information System (SIS) is where you:

register for classes check your student account


For help, visit the SIS Help Website.

  • change your contact information
  • view academic requirements and your progress toward them
  • print an unofficial transcript
  • check the status of holds or financial aid
  • access many other helpful functions
January Term

January Term (J-Term) takes place in the weeks in January leading up to the start of spring semester classes. J-Term offers unique opportunities: new courses addressing topics of current interest, study abroad programs, undergraduate research seminars, and interdisciplinary courses. The intensive format of J-Term classes encourages extensive student-faculty contact, allowing students and faculty to immerse in a subject.

Financial aid is available for students electing to complete J-Term.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a great way to experience a new culture, learn a new language, and travel to different parts of the world. Students can study for a summer, semester, or the entire year.

Financial aid is available for students electing to study abroad.

Summer Session

Summer Session is a great opportunity to catch up on credits for general education requirements or for your major.

Financial aid is available for students electing to study during summer session.

Batten, Curry (Education) and McIntire Schools

Learn more about pursuing studies in public policy, education, and business.

Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

The School of Education and Human Development

McIntire School of Commerce

Undergraduate Research

It is never too early to take part in undergraduate research opportunities, whether independently or under the guidance of a faculty member. The Office of Citizen Scholar Development and the Office of Undergraduate Research can both help you learn about the breadth of opportunities available to you.