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Family Weekend App Guide

With our interactive mobile guide, the Family Weekend schedule is right at your fingertips!


  • Complete Family Weekend schedule
  • "My Schedule" customizable calendar
  • List of events by category
  • Map to each event location

Download Instructions

Have the UVA Guides app from Summer Orientation or Wahoo Welcome?

  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Click the Family Weekend icon.
  • Download the Family Weekend guide and begin exploring!

Need the UVA Guides app?

  • To download the Guide, scan the QR code below or search your smartphone's app store for "UVA Guides."
  • Click the option to install the app on your phone.
  • Once installed, open the app.
  • Click the Family Weekend icon.
  • Download the Family Weekend guide and begin exploring!

Download the Guide

How do I...

Customize "My Schedule"?

Select a category of events (Academic Events, Tours and Open Houses, etc.) or select Complete Family Weekend Schedule.

Clicking the plus sign at the right of any event will add it to My Schedule. When adding the event, you can choose to receive a notification prior to the event (15 minutes, no notification, or a customized time). The plus sign then changes to a checkmark, and the event shows up in My Schedule.

To remove a selected event from My Schedule, open the event and check the "Remove from Schedule" option at the bottom.

Generate directions?

To generate walking directions from your current location to any event, go into the event, and click the Google map preview above the description. This will open a full view of the map.

From the full map view, click the icon in the lower left corner (a box with up arrow), and you will be asked if you want to "Open in Maps app." Click that to launch the map app on your phone.

Clicking the event title in your map app will allow you to generate directions to that location from your current location. Select "Drive" or "Walk" at the top of your map app. Selecting "Walk" will ensure that you are given walking directions to the location.