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Are you looking for a way to find community and discover all that UVA has to offer?  Between August 23rd and October 25th, Crash Course UVA will help new transfer students get involved, learn about resources, and find a community on Grounds.

Crash Course UVA provides the opportunity for transfer students to start their time at UVA in an engaging way. Students are invited to attend events during their first six weeks to ease their transition to UVA. Those who participate in 8 different events will not only experience the value of getting involved and building your resume, but also be eligible to attend the Crash Course UVA Awards Dinner and be entered to win various prizes.  Connect with people, places, and opportunities during your first 6 weeks of the Fall Semester 

Crash Course UVA is exclusively open to incoming transfer students. Attend 8 of the Crash Course UVA events to complete the program.  Students who complete the program will be eligible for entry into a raffle for various prizes. 

Program Areas include: 

What does it mean to be me at UVA?
Who am I now, and who do I want to become? 

What does it mean for me to belong at UVA?
What does it mean to be meaningfully engaged?
Who are the people who will challenge and support me on my path to success? 

What can UVA be for me?
What systems and structures support or hinder my success? 


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